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I enjoy your newsletter but paid for a subscription to your blog so I could contribute to your essay on Venice and Mexico. The English-born artist from the USA, Thomas Moran, was known not only for his landscapes of the western United State (Yellowstone, Grand Canyon etc) but also for his views of Venice, inspired by the paintings of JMW Turner. Among Moran's first paintings of Venice, following in the footsteps of artists as diverse as Canaletto, Whistler, and Rico, was one from 1886 exhibited with the remarkable sub-title "Reminiscences of Vera Cruz". Surely he's the only artist to recall Vera Cruz on a first visit to Venice. On a visit several years ago I failed to grasp the physical resemblance but on further research it seems the sky he saw in Venice reminded him of skies in Vera Cruz. My wife and I enjoy your essays, not least letting us know about zanzarotti. Thank you.

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